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Advanced Robotic Manipulators Lab

Advanced Robotic Manipulators


PhD openings 

Two new PhD positions are avaiaiable: Advanced Robotic Manipulators (ARM) lab in Department of Biomedical Engineering (BMEN), at the University of North Texas (UNT) is seeking two strong PhD candidates to join our divers and motivated team of undergraduate and graduate students 

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Dr. Amir Jafari’s CAREER award entitled “A Prosthetic Elbow with Network of Soft and Modular Thermo-Active Actuators for Mobility Impaired Patients” aims to create fundamental innovation in wearable assistive robots by introducing a new paradigm for portable and powerful networks of modular soft actuators that work through liquid-gas phase transition. 


In ARM lab, we are conducting fundamental research in different areas including Soft Robotics, Bio-inspire Sensors and Actuators, Rehabilitation Robotics, Human Augmentations, Exoskeletons, Prosthesis and Haptic Devices. 

The main focus in ARMlab is on design and development of novel robotic platforms (including sensors, actuators, materials and mechanisms) that can physically interact with humans.

PhD openings 

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July 01, 2020

President’s Translational and Entrepreneurial Research award

Dr.Jafari and his collaborators at UTSA and UTHSCSA received prestigious President’s Translational and Entrepreneurial Research award to work on Endovascular Roblotic Device: VascuX Robotics 

April 01, 2020

Award at Tech Symposium

Congratulations to Senior Design Team  Humaign (Drishya Dahal, Stephanie Roman, Saron Russom and Alberto Samaniego), Supervised by Dr. Jafari on winning Excellence in Engineering Award at Tech Symposium for their project: Semi-passive ankle prosthesis

May 01, 2020

NSF Internship

Congratulations to Nafiseh Ebrahimi for receiving NSF Internship to work at  Motus Nova, a biotechnology company specializing in robots and devices for stroke recovery at home

January 01, 2020

NASA Iternship

Congratulations to Ernesto Hernandez for receiving NASA Internship at Johnson Space Center!

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